Reading the World

One of the critical moments for me, one of those “woke” moments, facilitating my journey out of funda-gelicalism (FG), was realizing how modern FG was.  It was the opposite side of the same coin of modernity with all its either/or concrete dichotomies. I began to realize that the young-earth-creationist arguing with the atheist/philosophical naturalist, were […]

Always Interesting…

My essay “Christian: You Are Upset About the Wrong Things” on Patheos certainly sparked a lot of interest, views, and social shares.  I don’t normally respond to the comment section on Patheos as it usually ends up being counter-productive (from what I can tell when other authors have done so) and can end up in […]

Being a Witness Isn’t About “Winning” Souls: It’s About Dying to Self

In a follow-up to this post, there is another aspect of evangelism that needs to be re-thought for those coming out of fundamentalist or evangelical backgrounds.  Many of us were taught to think of evangelism as “winning souls.”  We were to engage, speak to, and “win” the person to Christ.  Yes, we knew we had […]