Funda-gelicalism is Too Modern-Part Two

In a previous post (here), I asserted that FG people are more modern than they realize.  One reader responded: “…As a Catholic working in an evangelical institution, I can see this very clearly, but I’d love to know more about what underpins it, aside from what looks like a need for certainty, being told what […]

A Clarification

Just to clarify something.  When I say I no longer inhabit the FG narrative, it is not to say I don’t still have friends and even family who still do.  Since I came from that world, grew up in it, I of course still have many ties and links to those in that world.  I […]

Radical Orthodoxy: The Last Gateway Out of Funda-gelicalism (For me)

In two prior posts I noted the two “gateway” influences that helped take me out of the Funda-gelical (FG) world, which were Reformed theology and postmodernism.  As noted before, this is what they did for me.  What they might do for someone else, I can’t say.  I do believe however that anyone taking either seriously, […]

Thank You President Trump

Even a perfunctory perusal of most media (social or otherwise), and serious respected commentary (and now even some conservative commentary) reveals an almost total negative take on the current Presidency.  And, I think an over-all negative view is justified and accurate.  However, I think there is one very positive result of the current state of […]