Innocence and Wisdom

Regarding my recent post (Jan 6) about modernity, wisdom, and innocence, some further reflection.  We have two small statues of fairies along the pathway to our front door, hidden slightly, in the bushes lining the pathway.  I once told our oldest grandchild that at night, the two statutes come alive and fly around our house […]

Hypocrisy 101

I wondered how long it would take and it didn’t take long.  Jeff Iorg is the president of Gateway Seminary, my alma mater.  It is a Southern Baptist, evangelical school.  In a recent blog post, after watching the Golden Globe ceremonies and Oprah Winfrey’s speech, he wrote: “…But while Oprah is calling for moral leadership […]

Year End Round-Up

I look back at 2017 with some ambivalence.  For me personally, it was a difficult year in many ways.  Good friends passed to the next life.  Close family lost homes in the northern California fires.  We still struggle with a move to an area we would rather not be.  I still struggle with my friendships […]