To Leave or Not to Leave—That is the Question

I think I’ve mentioned before I don’t think everyone is “led,” “called”— (not sure what word…?), to leave the FG world.  And depending upon one’s history, it may not even be possible to leave that world completely.  In some ways it may be like being raised in the South but then relocating at some point […]

Thank You President Trump

Even a perfunctory perusal of most media (social or otherwise), and serious respected commentary (and now even some conservative commentary) reveals an almost total negative take on the current Presidency.  And, I think an over-all negative view is justified and accurate.  However, I think there is one very positive result of the current state of […]


Why do I call it “funda-gelicalism?”  Good question.  It’s not original to me—I read it somewhere.  I know it probably bothers some Christians who identify as evangelicals but do not want to be associated with fundamentalism.  I think they feel like the part of the family tree that sort of made it over the wall, […]

The “You are the Man” Moment

Growing up in the fundamentalist/evangelical world, I was told there were enemies “out there.”  This would have been in the late 70’s and throughout the 80’s—even into the 90’s.  Here were some of those “enemies”: Rock music and hidden messages: We were told that rock music was intrinsically evil.  In other words, even if the […]