A Decision

So, before Unfundamentalist moved and started its own website, it was a part of the Patheos website, listed along with other Christian and religious blogs.  I’ve had my writings published on Patheos before, under the Unfundamentalist banner, but submitted them directly to the new site once they moved away from Patheos.

Patheos, according to Wikipedia, is the, “largest English language religion and spirituality site in the world…”  Benjamin Corey is the managing editor for the Progressive Christianity page at Patheos.  While I not very comfortable with the term “progressive,” I get why it is used and I get the point of differentiating between what I would just term “orthodox” (not in the Eastern sense, but in the definition sense) and fundamentalism.

Anyway, Ben has asked if I would consider moving my blog to Patheos.  What would this mean?  Well, I’m not entirely sure.  I think I would still own and control my posts.  I could leave whenever I wanted.  I would definitely receive more views and traffic to my posts than I would on a stand-alone blog as it is now.  I guess there is also some nominal payment based on the traffic/views of one’s posts.  As Ben noted, no one at Patheos is getting rich, but it can be a few extra dollars.

Writing for me is cathartic and therapeutic.  I feel if I didn’t write, I would wither away like a plant and die.  I would write, even if no one read a word so money is hardly a factor.  Still, if one can get paid for what they love doing and would do anyway, I guess that’s just gravy or icing on the cake (depends upon whether you are inclined to sweet or savory).

I frankly would like to hear from any readers (the few of you).  My leaning right now is to accept the invitation and write for Patheos, but my writings would probably be of the more public type, where I address fundamentalism, religion, culture, the political, and current events of whatever type, in an opinion/commentary manner.  In other words, writings like my last two posts and what’s been published on Unfundamentalist.  It would be much less personal writing.

I may then, also, keep this stand-alone blog (probably need to change the name) to keep writing of things more personal, and musings about the arts, culture, poetry, actual poetry, literature, and the more esoteric for the contemplative person if that makes sense.

Regardless, I hope to keep any regular readers.  There are over 150 people who follow this blog (thank you!) and others I am aware of who read it, but have never signed up to “follow,” and I don’t want to lose any of you.  So, any input would be appreciated and helpful.

Thank you and blessings.


10 thoughts on “A Decision

  1. I have a love/hate relationship with Patheos. Another favorite blogger moved there not long ago. I have found that I read him far less. Not sure why exactly. I feel this is a great compliment to you and would understand your decision but I think I enjoy the bloggers who are off the beaten path.

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  2. I would read your blog on either/both platforms. Your writing provokes my thinking about my own faith journey. I hope you continue to share your thoughts.

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  3. Both?!…lol…
    I didn t even know Unfundamentalist had moved …sigh…(distracted much?!…smh)…
    I view Patheos as a labyrinth AND an entryway…
    I found your blog there and then subscribed…which is my standard operating procedure…
    Receiving your blog posts is one of the highlights of my in box…and I often share with others in my VERY small circle of like minded/journeyed individuals…
    With that said …I d follow your writings thru either /both avenues!
    As the Spirit leads brother!
    Much gratitude and many blessings to your endeavors!

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  4. I rather new to your blog. I also read Patheos and would welcome your posts there. I think you should have a broader audience. If you find you want to keep your own more personal blog, then so much the better.

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  5. I like your blog and would read it in either location. Patheos will probably expose you to a larger audience and, I’m not 100% sure on this, but I think they kick a little bit of funding to their writers. Neither of those things are something to sneeze at, and as long as you’re writing, I don’t think there’s something inherently noble about having a standalone blog versus being part of a larger network. I’d certainly make the jump if it were me.

    At the same time, Patheos will have demands on how much you write, so you want to weigh that as well. You don’t want to get into a position where you have to write, but you resent doing so. I know when Ben was going through some particularly difficult times, his obligations to write for Patheos did not help.

    Along with that, I’d think about the viability of maintaining both blogs. That seems like it would be a lot of work, and I could envision myself starting out trying to keep both going, but the effort ratio probably wouldn’t make it worth it to keep going, at least without some resentment for having to do it.


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  6. This appears to be an excellent opportunity for you to share your thoughts, experiences and opinions with even more people who will benefit from your posts and articles. The present chaos in our country indicates that Now is the most important time to share, with as many people as possible, the insights you have shared with us. Thank you and keep writing! Rebecca

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