Moving On

There is a song (below) that is probably the soundtrack to my departure out of the funda-gelical (FG) world.

For all those out there, whether it be the toxic spiritual/religious narrative you inhabit, or job, relationship, marriage, church home, friendship, social media environment, political party, denomination—whatever it may be—I offer this song to you.

Sometimes we just need to move on.  If you feel stuck, trapped, caught, unable to move, sad, depressed, unhappy, without hope—then I hope this song speaks to you.  Move.  Get up.  Leave. I know it is hard.  I know is it scary.  It may be the hardest thing you ever do.  It may come with great cost.  Still, do it.

I’m not talking about leaving a situation or environment where one is merely frustrated and would like things to be different.  I’m not talking about moving on from a place where one is generally happy but would like to see some changes.  Hard times, difficult times, times that feel like we are being crushed even- are needed for our spiritual growth and health.  We will always have people and situations in our lives that stretch us, challenge us, confound us, anger us, and even hurt us.  These are actually salvific.  Stay. Pray. Persevere.

Rather, I’m talking about leaving a place where one can no longer stay and keep their sanity, integrity, principles, faith, or core values.  I’m talking about a place that has become toxic, poisonous, deadening, numbing, degrading, ugly, abusive, or de-humanizing.  I’m talking about a place where one is no longer safe emotionally, spiritually, or even physically.

In that case: Get.The.Hell.Out.  Get the heaven in.  Reach out, there are people who can help you. You are not alone.

You are treasured, wanted, desired, and loved.  You matter.  If existence was a pond, the ripples of your life are noticed by God.  Your weight upon the scale of all things is felt.  You show up on God’s radar, even if you feel you don’t on anyone else’s–or even your own.  Don’t ever believe otherwise.

Don’t settle.  Don’t give up on your dreams.  Don’t give up on your life.  Move on. “Life has been patiently waiting for you…”

Here is the song (for many, a familiar one I’m sure), enjoy: (See here)


“Life makes one promise and keeps it: Death. God also makes one promise and keeps it: Jesus.” ~Kim Fabricius


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